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How many molding knives come in a package?
Each package sold contains a matched set of 3 knives
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Do Corob Cutter's molding knives fit Sears Craftsman heads?
Yes-- when ordering, make sure you select "Corob Knives".
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Do the Sears Craftsman knives fit the Corob Heads?
Yes-- the standard MHK25 and MHK75 heads accept the Sears Craftsman molding knives.
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What is the material used for the knives & shaper cutters sold on this site?
The knives and shaper cutters are a heat treated high speed steel. NOT CARBIDE.
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What types of table saws do the Corob Heads fit?
The Corob heads-- the standard and Delta-type-- fit most table saws with a 5/8" arbor.
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Do you sell knives that fit Delta heads?
Yes-- when ordering knives for a Delta head, select from the category section "Molding Knives for Delta". The Corob Cutter Division manufactured these items for Delta for many years and is happy to continue to make them available for our customers.

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Do you sell heads that accept my Delta knives?
Yes-- The MHKHD50 and the MHKHD75 both use Delta-style knives.
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What size arbor do your molding heads fit?
5/8" diameter (.625"). Most standard table saws have this size.
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What is the maximum RPM rating for the Corob heads?
The maximum RPM is 4,000. Most standard table saws are below this speed.
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What is the arbor size that the Corob shaper cutters fit?
All of the Corob Cutter Division's involute shaper cutters fit shaper machines with a 1/2" spindle. Most are 1" wide and are approximately 2" in diameter, depending on the specific shape. With the ADP10 Adapter, you can use the shapers in a high speed drill press or a machine with a 1/2" female arbor mount.
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